Qtp Qc Online Training

Course Details:
Training overview
Benefit of the training
Introduction to Software Testing

General Testing Concepts
Client/Server and Web Application
SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
Water Fall
V model
Agile model
FRC (Functional Requirement Specification)
SDS (System Design Specification)

Testing Strategy
Test Plan
Test Case
Test Summary Report
STLC (Software Test Life Cycle)
V – Model
Traceability Matrix

Testing Techniques
Black Box Testing
White Box Testing
Path Testing

Testing Types
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
Regression Testing
Functionality Testing
Load /Performance Testing
Stress Testing
Compatibility Testing
Smoke testing
Sanity Checking/Testing
Backend testing

Bug or Defect Reporting Process
Defect Lifecycle
Defect Tracking
Defect Priority
Defect Report
Impact Analysis
Gap Analysis

Benefits of Automation
Benefits of Manual testing
Introduction to QTP
Main stages of QTP
Plan / Create / Enhance
Record and playback
How to understand the Results, Report Results
Key word view and expert view etc…
How to understand the VB Script etc. ( Discuss more details about VB script in last session of QTP)
Students have to practice above topics then we start the following
SystemUtil.Run() function to bring the application windows or web. Also discuss
About other VB built functions in QTP.
Object Repository ( Types of Object Repositories will be discussed)
Data Driven Test
how to import the excel Sheet and read the data from excel sheet.
Data Table – Importing Excel Sheet, Database Connection from QTP)
Two types of repository
Check Points: All types of Check points
Actions: Calling actions from the existing actions, splitting actions etc.

Parameterization in actions
Regular Expressions
Regular expressions is added while inserting checkpoint for text
How to Enhance the VB Script, write functions and call the function in another script.
Batch Runner
Multiple scripts can be run from batch runner
Connecting QTP with Quality Center. How to integrate Quality center with QTP
Descriptive Programming: VB Scripting
Without recording , how to write the script, how to resolve the run time errors.
Quality Center

Introduction to Quality Center
What is Quality Center?
Why to use Quality Center
Version of Quality Center
Overview of quality Center user interface
Various tabs in Quality center
Requirement Module

Requirement Module Overview
Creating Requirement tree
Creating Parent & Child requirements
Understanding the Description tab
Understanding the History tab
Test Plan Module
Creating folder structure
Create test cases
Test Lab Module

Overview of Test Lab
Detail of various tabs
Creating folders
Creating Test sets
Adding test cases
Quality Center Defects

Overview of Defects
Creating defects after test execution
Adding defects in defect module
Creating defects during test execution
Linking Defects
How to close a defect
Closing defects after retest

Quality Center reports & graphs
Why Reports & Graphs?
How to create reports & graphs for Analysis?
More about QTP & QC Online Training
About QTP & QC Trainer
QTP & QC Online Training batch information

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