Python Course Online Training

Key Features of Python

  • Advanced Unpacking
  • Keyword only Arguments
  • Chained Exceptions
  • Fine Grained OSErrors Subclasses
  • Everything is an Iterator

What you will learn Python

  • Certified and expert teachers
  • Extensive doumentation provided
  • Became an exepert few days

Course Details:
Getting Started with Python:
Introducing Python
Installing Python on Windows
Introducing Python IDLE
Programming in Interactive Mode
Programming in Scripting Mode

Types, Variables and Input/Output
Using quotes and escape character
String Concatenation and Repeater Operators
Using Mathematical Operators with Numbers
Understanding Variables
Getting User Input with input()
Using Strings Methods
Converting Values

Flow Control in Python
The if Statement
The else Clause
Using elif Clause
The while Statement
Avoiding infinite loops
Values as conditions
Using Logical Operators
Planning Your Program with Pseudocode

For Loops and Tuples
Using for Loops
Using Sequence Operators and Functions with Strings
Finding Length with len()
Using the in Operator
Indexing and Slicing Strings
Using Random Module
Using Tuples
Sequence Operators and Functions with Tuples

Using Dictionaries
Accessing Dictionary values
Adding, Replacing and Deleting key-value pairs
Functions: get(), keys(), values() and items()

Lists in Python
Creating and Using Lists
len() with Lists
in Operator with Lists
Indexing, Slicing and Concatenating
Deleting List Element with del
Using Lists Methods such as append(), sort(), reverse(), count(), pop(), remove(), insert() and index()
Using Nested Sequences
Understanding Shared Refrences

Functions in Python
Defining Functions
Using Parameters and Return Values
Using Arguments and Defaults Parameters
Using Global Variables and Constants
Variable Scope

Object-Oriented Python
Introduction to Object-Oriented Python
Creating Classes, Methods and Objects
Using Constructor and Attributes
Using Class Attributes and Static Methods
Understanding Object Encapsulation
Private Attributes and Methods
Controlling Attribute Access
Creating and Accessing Properties
Combining Objects
Using Inheritance to Create New Classes
Altering Behavior of Inherited Methods
Understanding Polymorphism

File Input and Output and Exceptions
The open Function
Input from Text Files
Output to Text Files
Storing Complex Data in Files with Pickles and Shelve
Handling Exceptions
Using try Statement with except Clause

Using Modules in Programs
Writing Modules
Importing Modules
Using Imported Functions and Modules

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The course begins in a few days, and I still do not have my login information. What do I do?
Once your registration for a course is completed, we will send activation link to start your sessions.

What happens if I miss my training date, do I have any options?
In case you miss training date, we will send recorded sessions to you. Otherwise, we assign for next live batch.

How does the online training work?
All of our online courses are live instructor led online courses. You will have the ability to interact directly with the trainer. Once registered for a class you will receive detailed instructions on how to access your class.

How do I receive the course materials?
You receive a link to download the course materials when you register. Our trainers assist you in your assessments, case studies, sample projects, interview skills etc;

Will I be able to view the sessions again at a later time?
Yes, We provide recorded sessions.

Who are your trainers?
All our trainers are working professionals from the Industry and have at least 10-12 yrs of relevant experience in various domains. They are subject matter experts. So that participants get a great learning experience.

Can I get the same in-class experience at home or work?
Yes. You can attend courses anywhere that has an Internet connection. If you choose to participate from your home or workplace, you must validate your own equipment to ensure it meets the required specifications.

What should I bring to class?
You need to have your course materials, Internet, computer headset and the Link to your Rizetrainings classroom e-mail, which contains the link and LOGIN credentials you need to take your course.

Where can I get more information?
If you need more information, please call us at +91 8019199995 or send mail to . Rize Trainings Advisors will be happy to assist you.

Do you offer placements?
We help our customers for preparing their resumes, work on sample live projects and provide assistance for interview preparation. We don't offer any placements however if you go through the course diligently and complete the project you will have a very good hands on experience to work on a Live project.

What happens if I have technical problems during my class?
If you have technical difficulties, you call us at +91 8019199995 . Our support team will resolve any issues you might encounter.

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