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Data warehousing overview
Basics of Data Warehousing
What is OLTP and OLAP?
Difference between OLTP and OLAP
Advantages of OLAP
What is Data Marts and ODS?

Dimensional Modeling Overview
Introduction to Dimensional Modeling
What are Facts and Dimensions?
Star schema and Snowflake schema

Introduction to Business Intelligence
What is Business Intelligence
Where BI tools are Used
Why the Oracle Business Intelligence
Architecture, Components
Clients - Answers, Delivers, Dashboards and Web administration,
Servers- Oracle BI server, Presentation, Scheduler server

Server Architecture
Repository Basics
What is Meta data?
Creating a Repository using BI Administration Tool
Physical, Business Model and Mapping, and presentation layers
Properties of repository objects

Building Physical Layer of a Repository
Objects of Physical Layer
DSN for a data sources
Build physical layer

Building business Model mapping layer
Objects of BMM layer
Building Business model (creating logical tables, columns, joins)
Creating simple measures

Building presentation layer
Objects of presentation layer
Properties of the presentation layer
Build presentation layer

Testing and validating Repository
Checking repository consistency
Checking Global Consistency
Inspecting Oracle Answers inspecting SQL
Inspecting log files(Nqquery.log,NQSserver.log)

Adding multiple sources to dimension
De-normalizing tables structures in database design
Adding multiple sources to existing logical tables source
Adding second table sources

Adding calculations to fact
Calculation measures on the basis of physical and logical columns
Using Calculation wizard

Creating dimensional hierarchies and level based measures
Creating dimensional hierarchies
Use level based measures
Create Rank and Share measures

Using aggregation
Importing Aggregated Tables into Repository
Modeling aggregate tables to speed processing

Using variables
Presentation Variables
Repository variables
Session variables
Initialization Blocks

Multiuser Environment (MUD)
Overview on Multiuser Environment (MUD)
How to create projects in MUD
Checkout and checkin of projects

Modeling time series data
Types of SCDS
Using of time series functions

Modeling extension tables
Purposes of extension tables
Modeling extension tables for fact and dimensions

Oracle BI Security
Security at object and data level
Creating users and User groups
Assigning permissions to users
Setting Query limits and timing restrictions
Authenticating using an external database

Cache management
Purge cache and event handling tables
Making the table cacheable
Setting of cache in NQSCONFIG.INI file

Working with Oracle BI Answers
Building Busines Requests usiing Answers
Adding filters to Business requests
Adding Column Filter Prompts in Answers
Views and charts in requests

Creating Oracle Intelligence Dashboards
Creating dashboard pages using report requests
Creating dashboard prompts
Configuring guided navigation links
Adding content to dashboard
Conditional links and conditional section

Administering OBI Presentation Catalog
Using catalog management to maintain web catalog
Creating catalog groups, issuing privileges etc

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The course begins in a few days, and I still do not have my login information. What do I do?
Once your registration for a course is completed, we will send activation link to start your sessions.

What happens if I miss my training date, do I have any options?
In case you miss training date, we will send recorded sessions to you. Otherwise, we assign for next live batch.

How does the online training work?
All of our online courses are live instructor led online courses. You will have the ability to interact directly with the trainer. Once registered for a class you will receive detailed instructions on how to access your class.

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